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Anoles are also great pets to have them at home. They are a little bit less social than long tails. They are always ready to run if they see any movement around them. So, you see them more when you are not too close to the terrarium. Because they are also exotic animals, they also like tropical climates with enough humid and heat. The recommended humid level is 70 % and temperature is pretty much the same for these lizards. These lizards are also very social in the sense that they can live in community tanks. However, because males are territorial it is advisable that you have one male and one female in a 20 gallon tank or more than one male in a larger tank. Pretty much everything is the same as what you do for long tails.

One cool thing about anoles is that they can change their skin color depending on their stress level and climate. They tend to turn green when the enclosure is hotter. By changing their color to brown, they can get more heat on their skin to adjust their body temperature. Anoles do not drink water from a water dish. In the wild, they get their water needs from the drops on the leafs. So misting the enclosure a couple of times a day is needed.

Baby Lizards

These cute lizards lay eggs even if you do not want them to. Despite the unfavorable climate in the tank, female lizards will lay eggs where she think it is the best place. Females are bigger then males and makes have a white color dots on their skins. This is the easiest way to differentiate their sex. When they are given appropriate living conditions, females lay eggs. 4 or 5 of them. Look for the under rocks and some potential humid areas in the tank. as long as you keep the heat and humid steady, there is no need to remove them but maybe a small protective cage would be a good idea just to protect them from other lizards stepping on them. after 2-3 weeks you will notice eggs are getting bigger and one day they hatch. ans you end up having a couple of cute baby lizards running in the tank. No need to remove them but make sure other lizards are fed well. The only time you might need to remove them is feeding time. These baby lizards are very small and they can eat only tiny, baby crickets. it is very important that you feed them well as early times are the most critical times. As long as they eat and drink you will notice they will grow pretty fast. Baby lizards are amazing, they are very social and fearless as everything is new to them. They are curious about everything.


Feeding is critical for these lizards. They like crickets, wild captive insects such as spiders, butterflies as long as they are smaller than their mouths. this is important if they try to eat something big, they might have serious problems eating or digesting it. Make sure to dust the feeder with calcium powder every two three times. It is recommended to put only a few crickets for food in the tank, as sometimes the tank itself could be a very good place for crickets to breed. This is not good as after sometime you might see hundreds of crickets living in the tank. and it is hard to remove them from the tank.

Crickets are sold at the pet stores. But if you prefer breeding them. It requires a lot of effort. So, it is better to buy them if you have only a few lizards to feed. In Ottawa, PetSmart has good prices. Crickets are low in fat so it should be their main diet. Meal worms should be given sometimes as they are rich in fat. They are also available in pet stores in Ottawa.


Long tail lizards love humid environment. it is usually %70 percent humidity that is required for these lizards. When this is achieved along with the right temperature, these lizards are very active and and can even mate and have babies. Humidity is critical for the babies to hatch. To maintain humidity requires misting the tank 3-4 times a day but never on the lizards. Putting a water dish or sponge can also help. The bedding should be a special type that absorbs the water and keep it. or for more creative owners can choose to set up a sprinkler system in their terrarium. Having live plants can also help increase the humidity in the tank. also make sure to have a good digital or analog measuring unit for humidity level in the tank.

Heat is also essential for these cute lizards. One side of the tank should be cooler than the other side. These lizards like to run around the tank and adjust their body temperature accordingly. Generally speaking, the heat one one side should not exceed 29 Celsius. A basking lamp would serve this purpose preferably heating from the top not from the sides. a heating pad is not recommended as these animals spend most of their times on the branches not on the ground. Any kind of light is good basking but make sure that it does not heat much and create any fire hazard. as for the general lighting, UV lights are recommended. should be full spectrum. These lizards receive their iron needs from this natural light and this helps them shedding properly.

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First thing you need to know is the tank size and tank shape. Because these lizards like to climb, it is better to have a tall tank rather than long one. Tall tank will also let you to put some fancy fake or even real plant in it. Normally, 20 gallon tank is good for a pair. and remember males are also very friendly. They are no territorial reptiles. So, you can easily accommodate two males in the same tank. Terrarium has to have a cover and make sure it has good air ventilation system. It is always easy to maintain a certain level of humidity in a completely closed tank but, it is not healthy for the lizards. Lizards need fresh air. Air circulation is also good for the hygiene in the tank. If you are thinking of building your own terrarium, aluminum covers are great and they are rust and heat resistant.

Long Tail Grass Lizards

There is tons of information regarding these little creatures on the Internet. Here I am hoping to provide some basics about their care. First off all, it should be noted that these animals are very social. They are not wield animals despite the fact that they great escapers when they feel they are threatened. These animals are very social and this makes it easy to have these lizards in a community tank. They will get along very well with other types of lizards. However, it should be noted that other lizards can cause problems. So, make sure that put these lizards in a place where other lizards and small animals like to make friends.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Reptile Baby Lizards (Long Tailed Grass)

SOLD OUT. WILL KEEP THE WEBSITE UPDATED WHEN MORE COMES. Baby lizards hatched lately. They are great pets and very cute. They are easy to care. You could feed them with small crickets or small meal worms. These are BABY lizards, keep that in mind. If interested, send me an email at